Chocolate Angel

Is there anyone out there who doesn't love chocolate????.  How about having an awe of Angels???
tea for one

Sharon Gazebo

Summer Floral
Well, 4 of my paintings are traveling from Ohio to Dallas, Texas to participate in the opening of The Chocolate Angel Cafe and Tea Room.  My niece, Melissa, is opening a cafe named Chocolate Angel in Dallas, Texas.  I am so proud and happy for her.  This has been a plan in the works for some time now and it is finally happening.  And a wonderful part is that I get to participate and send 4 of my paintings to hang on the wall.  If you are traveling thru Texas, be sure and stop in and say hello... Congratulations to you Melissa.  May you have much joy and success in your new endeavor. Love, your Aunt Georgene



Another grandchild off to college requesting a painting for their room.  My grandson Michael acquired a love of the sport of boxing.  He had a job this summer teaching boxing at the local boxing center in Powell Ohio.  He has asked for a painting of boxing gloves for his room.  I did get to see him sparring a couple weeks ago.  I have never been exposed to much boxing and had a problem with seeing the hitting but it was not a match so they seemed to be cautious.


Hinckley Reservation Boathouse

What a wonderful day to paint with friends.  We went to Hinckley and the weather was perfect.  76 and a light breeze.  The lake was full of kayakes and canoes the grounds had several groups.  I painted near a group of 3 grandmothers on a dock taking their grandchildren fishing.  Only one of them had the courage to bait the hook with worms and the other two watched with glee.  They were catching teenie, weenie little
1/2 inch long fish.  Of course they put them back after the fun they had catching them