My New England Experience

The upper picture is Kennybunkport.  The rock formation you see in the background is the edge of the home owned by President H.W. Bush.  I did not know this when I was painting it.  Several people stopped and asked me if that was the president's house and I said I was from Ohio and did not know.  I later found out it was his house.  The next picture is the view from the great house we stayed at in Chatham Maine.  This was painted from the upper back porch ."What a view"

This was the view from the road right in front of the house in Chatham.  Wonderful!!!!
Dingy's.  I just love dingys.  I have always traveled to the ocean in the south.  Never to New England shores.  These delightful little things are littered all over the shorelines so the owners can bring oars and paddle out to their boats that are moored in the bays.  They come in all colors, some new and some all peeling and beat up.  They are so painterly that I could have spent days just painting different ones.
This scene I was painting just before dark in York, Maine.  My husband and I found a little park on the water after driving around for a long period as we did not know the area.  This painting was sold on site to someone that had a personal relationship with the area.  It became dark and I had to finish it when I returned to Ohio
This above building was Rockport Mass.  This building is known as Motiff #1.  When I asked why the name I was told that this is the most painterly building in the United States.  It was very interesting and crowded at the time. Difficult to paint as many people showed up asking questions and asking me to pose for pictures during my painting.  I have been thinking of having a tshirt printed with something like shhhh, artist at work??? Think that will work?  Sometimes the interruptions are welcome and sometimes not, although I would not trade all the wonderful and interesting people I have met while painting.
The next picture was a scene I did in York Maine.  It was sold before I finished.  I finished it when I returned to Ohio.  It was a wonderful scene that I painted before dusk arrived and I had to pack up and take it home to finish