My New England Experience

The upper picture is Kennybunkport.  The rock formation you see in the background is the edge of the home owned by President H.W. Bush.  I did not know this when I was painting it.  Several people stopped and asked me if that was the president's house and I said I was from Ohio and did not know.  I later found out it was his house.  The next picture is the view from the great house we stayed at in Chatham Maine.  This was painted from the upper back porch ."What a view"

This was the view from the road right in front of the house in Chatham.  Wonderful!!!!
Dingy's.  I just love dingys.  I have always traveled to the ocean in the south.  Never to New England shores.  These delightful little things are littered all over the shorelines so the owners can bring oars and paddle out to their boats that are moored in the bays.  They come in all colors, some new and some all peeling and beat up.  They are so painterly that I could have spent days just painting different ones.
This scene I was painting just before dark in York, Maine.  My husband and I found a little park on the water after driving around for a long period as we did not know the area.  This painting was sold on site to someone that had a personal relationship with the area.  It became dark and I had to finish it when I returned to Ohio
This above building was Rockport Mass.  This building is known as Motiff #1.  When I asked why the name I was told that this is the most painterly building in the United States.  It was very interesting and crowded at the time. Difficult to paint as many people showed up asking questions and asking me to pose for pictures during my painting.  I have been thinking of having a tshirt printed with something like shhhh, artist at work??? Think that will work?  Sometimes the interruptions are welcome and sometimes not, although I would not trade all the wonderful and interesting people I have met while painting.
The next picture was a scene I did in York Maine.  It was sold before I finished.  I finished it when I returned to Ohio.  It was a wonderful scene that I painted before dusk arrived and I had to pack up and take it home to finish


Valley City Building

Plein Air painting was Wednesday.  Beautiful weather, great artists, we had a enjoyable day at the Depot in Valley City Ohio

Farming in the Valley

Chicken Feed
MDGarage is an old gas station and garage that is now owned by the National Park System.  I belong to a group of artists called The Crooked River Gang and they allow us to  use the garage for an art gallery.  They request that we use paintings mostly of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  We change themes every month.  This month the theme is Farming in the Valley.  These are the two paintings I submitted for exhibit this month


Chocolate Angel

Is there anyone out there who doesn't love chocolate????.  How about having an awe of Angels???
tea for one

Sharon Gazebo

Summer Floral
Well, 4 of my paintings are traveling from Ohio to Dallas, Texas to participate in the opening of The Chocolate Angel Cafe and Tea Room.  My niece, Melissa, is opening a cafe named Chocolate Angel in Dallas, Texas.  I am so proud and happy for her.  This has been a plan in the works for some time now and it is finally happening.  And a wonderful part is that I get to participate and send 4 of my paintings to hang on the wall.  If you are traveling thru Texas, be sure and stop in and say hello... Congratulations to you Melissa.  May you have much joy and success in your new endeavor. Love, your Aunt Georgene



Another grandchild off to college requesting a painting for their room.  My grandson Michael acquired a love of the sport of boxing.  He had a job this summer teaching boxing at the local boxing center in Powell Ohio.  He has asked for a painting of boxing gloves for his room.  I did get to see him sparring a couple weeks ago.  I have never been exposed to much boxing and had a problem with seeing the hitting but it was not a match so they seemed to be cautious.


Hinckley Reservation Boathouse

What a wonderful day to paint with friends.  We went to Hinckley and the weather was perfect.  76 and a light breeze.  The lake was full of kayakes and canoes the grounds had several groups.  I painted near a group of 3 grandmothers on a dock taking their grandchildren fishing.  Only one of them had the courage to bait the hook with worms and the other two watched with glee.  They were catching teenie, weenie little
1/2 inch long fish.  Of course they put them back after the fun they had catching them



Painted with the Plein Air Painters yesterday.  It was a great group.  We were down in Lakewood at the mouth of Rocky River where the marina and Sweetwater Restaurant reside.  I love painting with the group.  We have great comradrie and its such a pleasure to see all the different views and interpretations of a given area



My grandaughter, who is starting her Junior Year at Ohio University requested a black and white floral painting to hang in her new rental house.  I decided to try Ampersand black board with white gesso underneath.  I have always wanted to try this form of scratch art and here it is.  My first attempt.  It was really fun.  The next one I do, I will use the colored ink that is used specifically for this to color parts of the scratching.  Perhaps an animal portrait because as you can see, doing hair would be a snap with scratching



This is a painting I did while with our Plein Air Group PAPWR.  It was a lovely day in Sharon Center to be painting with friends.


Rent a Boat

I thought these boats make a delightful contrast to the water, trees and surrounding foliage


This house I painted during the Plein Air Competition in Peninsula.  It is downtown on Main Street.  I loved the old structured look with the flower bed in front.  Being on the side of a hill really helped the effect


This is my husband Denny.  This is my one and only pencil portrait.  It seems I lucked out on this one and the likeness of him is great.  Just don't ask me to do a portrait again as that is definitely not my specialty.  I have tried a few more and am not ready to boast about them.

Tommy Turtle

My grandson Michael graduated from High School this June.  His Mom requested a sea turtle to hang on the wall in their pool bathroom.  I used real sand and shells brought home from Gulf Shores to add to the ocean atmosphere.


Hen Pecked

I have always been fond of chickens.  I think they make very colorful interesting subjects.  These guys and gals were just pecking around the barnyard.

Pretty Bird

This colorful guy was a consignment for a gal's 70th birthday.  A group of her friends got together and had this painted for her

Alabama Gulf

Alabama Dunes at Fort Morgan

"I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree"

Abandoned boat at Billy's Seafood House
Last winter we spent in Orange Beach Alabama.  I met several wonderful artists there and spent time painting with them.  I look forward to spending more time with them this coming winter

Amelia Island


My husband and I have spent several winters in beautiful Amelia.  I did many watercolors at that time.  It is a beautiful Island connected by bridge that edges the Atlantic Ocean.  It has a historic downtown area that is named Fernandina Beach.  I have many fond memories there

Red Truck

I have always loved old vehicles.  You would think by now I would own one.  Instead I find myself often painting one or another

Burano, Italy

This was one of my favorite places in Italy.  Legend has it that a husband would go out with the boys and stay out all night.  His excuse being that he could not find his way home.  His wife solved the problem by painting their home a bright color.  The idea really caught on and all the wives painted their houses bright colors.  The streets are delightfully full of brightly colored homes surrounding canals.

Two wonderful places in France

Saint Cir Q la Popie
This is where I ate lunch 
I have traveled to France and have many paintings that I intend to do in the future from my photos and drawings.  Right now, though I only have two of France to show.