Times Three

Just got done with a series of 17" squares for my daughter's hallway.  I enjoyed doing it and she was very happy with the outcome.  She drove in from Powell yesterday morning to pick up her paintings.  We had been discussing what to paint for her hallway some time now and decided on this floral arrangement.  These are done on gallery canvas and stems and petals are continued on the top and bottoms.


Bonnie Park

The weather was perfect in Bonnie Park and I had the privilege of hanging out with several other artists while I did this oil painting of a tree hanging over the water.  This one I did loose and in a quick time which I am working on and trying to perfect.



This was my first morning pastel while spending a work weekend at my son's property in Harrison.  Even thou I was there for mowing, etc., I could not resist this layer of colorful fields with the building in the background

Early Morning

Denny and I were staying a few days on my son's property in Harrison County, Ohio.  This was a work weekend but I managed to sneak away in the morning and do two pastels


Hutchinson Farm

This was a farm in Hinckley owned by a delightful woman who was happy to share her wonderful antiques and farmhouse with me while attending another Churski workshop.  She had a book that showed many wonderful old pictures of the Metroparks and the Parker Farm which I was been very familiar with.  Thou not a horse person as I was she told stories of her day camp days where she was taken to Parker farm to ride horses.

Hale Farm

This was a beautiful day at Hale Farm.  I was attending a workshop by Larry Churski and enjoying the great 80 degree weather.  Not the 90's that were prevailent in most of June days.  I was attracted by this cute little cottage tucked back in the trees.


Hinckley Morning

It was a beautiful morning in Hinckley Reservation and many of our Plein Air group showed up for their different interpretations of the wonderful scenery.  Many chose the boathouse but this lone tree with the background was my special pick


On the Square

We were on Medina Square painting on Wednesday May 9th.  Great to see summer coming.


It is great to know we are out painting again.  I enjoy my camadrie with the Plein Air Painters of Western Reserve.  Its great to be back again.  This is a painting of Allerdale Park done on Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Elephant Blues

I seem to be experimenting more with still life lately.  This elephant planter was a likely subject.  Throw in a vase, book and a few stems and there you have it.


Sweet Home Alabama

This is a still life done when in Alabama with my artist friends.  I find using the thinned dark bakcground and scraping out the variou shapes an interesting method.  I will be trying it in my new ventures.


The Epiphany Show

Denny and I will  be sending our entries to the Epiphany Show in Bath, Ohio.   The Epiphany Arts Festival takes place in The Bath Church UCC from January 19 through February 19.